Walkley Festival 2018

Walkley Community Forum welcomes you to the 17th annual Walkley Festival! Again we have two weeks of very varied events and activities to celebrate Walkley and showcase the enormous amount of talent here. We have chosen the theme “Think Local” to encourage us all to use our local businesses and enjoy our local open spaces. We know we live in a great part of Sheffield and want to ensure we keep it a lively and thriving urban village.

If you take any photographs of events please do send them to us so we can put them on our social media for everyone to enjoy. Email any to walkleyfestival@gmail.com

Have fun!

Updates for 2018

  1. Murston Bapchild and the Braxton Hicks event at Walkley Community Centre on 30th June is now cancelled as one of the performers is injured. 


Download this year’s programme